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Building Blocks | May 2023

Building Blocks May 2023 edition is here! In this edition, we talk about how modern DevOps teams need to collaborate, impact of an increasing number of tools in the DevOps toolchain, and can coding becoming conversational.

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Building Blocks | February 2023

Building Blocks February 2023 edition is here! In this edition, we talk about the role of developers in optimizing cloud cost, top developer tools in 2022 listed by StackShare, and move towards sustainable software development practices. Plus, some recommendations for the weekend.

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Building Blocks | January 2023

It’s a new year, and it’s a new you, so get ready for an all-new edition of Building Blocks. We’ll uncover the rationale behind Stack Overflow’s ban on ChatGPT, bring you the top three sessions on developer productivity from AWS re: Invent, and top it all off with some recommendations for the month.

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Building Blocks | August 2022

Amnic’s monthly newsletter Building Blocks captures major news and trends in the developer community.  This month’s newsletter talks about key findings of Stack Overflow Survey on factors affecting developer experience and productivity, GitHub’s AI pair programmer Copilot,  Carbon, touted as the experimental successor to C++, and a privacy scare in Japan. Plus, some recommendations for …

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